Sarah Honer

Sarah is a GYROTONIC® pre-trainer and Level 2 instructor, as well as a Level 1 GYROKINESIS® instructor studying under international Authorized Master Trainer Juergen Bamberger. She is certified on the Jumping Stretching Board and GYROTONER®, specialized pieces of Gyrotonic equipment. Her Gyrotonic coursework includes Gyrotonic for Dancers, Applications for Osteoporosis, Psoas Principles, and Breathing Course Intensive.

Sarah holds certifications from multiple Pilates organizations including Marie-José Blom’s Pilates Inspiration, where she is also an ambassador for SmartSpine™, PhysicalMind Institute (2000), and Balanced Body University. She is inspired by the work of Ms. Blom, whom she credits with her development as a movement educator. In addition, insights and wisdom from the following teachers has been essential: Elizabeth Larkam, Jennifer Gianni, Brent Anderson, Kathy Corey, Liz Koch, Yamuna Zake, Katy Bowman, Eric Franklin, Blandine Calais-Germain, and Phillip Beach.

While she opened Spira in 2002, Sarah continued to teach dance and choreograph in the Triangle area for most of the 2000s. She was the recipient of  Regional Dance America’s Monticello Scholarship for Emerging Choroegraphers (2000). Sarah has taught Pilates for the American Dance Festival’s 6-week school and for the Southeastern Regional Ballet Association Festival. Sarah’s teaching style continues to evolve as she studies yearly with world-class teachers in the fields of Pilates, Gyrotonic exercise, alignment, biomechanics, fascia, qigong, and anatomy. Through constant studentship, Sarah shares in growth alongside her students.  She has a particular interest in alignment, breathing, feet, and pelvic floor, ensuring that her students are positioned optimally to create a body-space of new possibilities. Sarah co-owns base pilates & movement (2018) in Durham, NC as a collaborative vision with Stella Cook and Adeline Sussman. She received her B.A. in Philosophy, English, and Dance from George Mason University in 1998. She is also DJ Fifi Hi-Fi.