How do I begin?

First, book a private session series to get to know the equipment, movements, and principles.

Don’t wait until you are “fit” or “in shape” to begin your work with us! Even if you are post-rehab, find increased flexibility, strength, and joint decompression through the wavelike and smooth motions of Gyrotonic exercise.

You can also sign up for a group GYROKINESIS® class - beginners are welcome!

GYROTONIC® Tower Class

Once you have completed several private sessions, ask your teacher about joining our popular group Tower classes.

Limited enrollment of 4 people.

Discover why Gyrotonic has gained popularity with elite athletes, dancers, and performers.

You’ll be inspired, lengthened, strengthened, and energized after class Learn movement sequences, expand your mind, and feel the amazing and peaceful results of this unique movement system.

Class Levels

  • Fundamentals: Beginners with 3 - 5 private sessions experience

  • Beyond the Basics: Intermediate practice

  • Flow: For advanced students and teachers

  • Mixed Levels: Instructor’s choice

Check our schedule for up-to-date days and times. 

GYROKINESIS® Group Mat & Stool Class

Newbies welcome! No experience required.

Gyrokinesis exercise is an ever-evolving intelligent movement system designed by Juliu Horvath. This class feels like a combination of swimming, dancing, yoga, and qigong. The energizing exercises happen on low stools and on the mat. Create suppleness, core pelvic strength, and balanced mobility in your body through multiple-joint articulation. Circular and rhythmic movements emphasize beneficial breath power, energetic alignment, and a grounded connection and lead to a sense of well-being after completing the class. Be prepared to spiral, undulate, and expand. Stools are provided.

GYROTONIC® Exercise Explained

Juliu Horvath leads a  GYROKINESIS ® class

Juliu Horvath leads a GYROKINESIS® class

The defines “gyro” as a rotating mechanism in the form of a universally mounted spinning wheel that offers resistance to turns in any direction. In a Gyrotonic class, our full bodies, from the external to the deepest internal, become that spinning mechanism. Juliu Horvath, the creator of the system, invented the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Combination unit and four other main pieces of specialized equipment. 

GYROTONIC® exercises = using special equipment

GYROKINESIS® Class = group workout using a stool and a mat. 

Much like yoga or tai chi, the Gyrotonic method allows a student to enter the movement within their own comfort zone while offering the possibility of moving past blockages. The universal motions offered, such as the spinal waves, can help to awaken the body’s inner intelligence system.

Gyrotonic movements help to create trust that your body already knows what to do to unlock the mysteries of chronic pain or aches.

People who have movement experience in swimming, T’ai Chi, gymnastics, dance, or yoga will find common elements in a Gyrotonic session. Gyrotonic exercises can help people with limited mobility to reach new places of possibility and has shown great success working with professional dancers and athletes. In a class, we focus on breath, coordinating movements, learning sequences, and moving multiple areas of the body at once.

Spira is proud to be a teacher training facility for Gyrotonic movement. See our Courses page for upcoming trainings.