With great care and a knowledgeable touch, healing is only natural.

- Marie-José Blom

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SmartSpine™ products are available at Spira Pilates Studio.

SmartSpine and Pilates

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The SmartSpine can add a balance challenge to your Pilates mat or machine work, your yoga practice, your GYROTONIC® movement, martial arts training, dance training, running, or other sports. It feels great to set up a SmartSpine right under your spine to gain a deeper sense of your mind-body connection and to sense your actions from the level of facial awareness. There are healing protocols for feet and the plantar fascia, neck, pelvic floor restoration, abdomen, and breath restoration.

Sarah Honer is authorized by Ms. Blom to be an educator and distributor of SmartSpine products. She is available for private sessions to show you how to best use these products.

What is SmartSpine™?

The SmartSpine system was created by Pilates Master Teacher Marie-José Blom. Ms. Blom has been published in 'Fascia – The Tensional Network of the Human Body' by Robert Schleip, founded Long Beach Dance Conditioning in California, and is treasured mentor to teachers worldwide.

The SmartSpine is a heatable therapeutic tool that can be applied to various places on your body. Everything about the SmartSpine is smart, including the organically sourced materials of which it is comprised. As well as being therapeutic, the SmartSpine can add challenge to your pelvic core connection. Ms. Blom created the SmartSpine to ease challenges in the spine as well as to awaken connections in the body based on her in depth study of biomechanics and fascial sciences. The SmartSpine serves as a teacher's assistant or as a student's favorite home tool.  Because the SmartSpine can be heated, it allows the user to feel where they are in space (proprioception), as well as the interoceptive quality of movement.

From SmartSpine™ is a work of love, a staple of my work. My motto is, “Making movement easy while putting ease into daily movement.” This is the fundamental principle of my teaching in therapeutic movement and Pilates for well over two decades. The SmartSpine™ system and approach evolved from the inspiration fueled by my daily work and interaction with clients and students, as well as my fascination with the optimal biomechanics of the spine and pelvis. Working with a variety of different bodies requires a unique approach for each individual. However, my method is grounded in one common goal: creating ease of movement in a healthier body. The creative search for the right teaching tool to facilitate optimal movement learning, as well as mobility of the spine and its related structures, resulted in the creation of this unique and practical teaching aid and treatment tool.

SmartSpine Private Sessions

Sarah is available to guide you through the SmartSpine system in a private session. Many items have protocols integrated with the Pilates machines; all are heated for ultimate therapeutic use. Contact the studio to schedule.

SmartSpine Workshops

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Are you a movement instructor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, personal trainer or physical therapist with an interest in fascial-focused health and movement? Sarah offers workshops to introduce you to SmartSpine™methods that you can pass along to your clients or patients. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

SmartSpine at Home

In only one workshop, you can learn useful ways to incorporate the SmartSpine into your home practice. Yogis, runners, dancers, athletes, and even us "regular people" find the SmartSpine to be a home essential. Interested in attending a workshop? Contact us and let us know!