Healthy Feet: Your Foundation 

Saturday April 28, 9am • $25

 Marie-José Blom's heated SmartSpine™

Marie-José Blom's heated SmartSpine™

Your feet are the gateway to better breathing, more core connectivity, and feeling better all over your body.

Many current anatomy scholars, fascial-based therapists, and movement professionals consider the feet to be the foundation upon which one builds an unwinding from postural habits. Our western habit of confining our feet in narrow and positively lifted heels contributes to low back pain, bunions, fallen arches, and knee/hip dysfunction

In this interactive workshop, learn how to offer your feet a self-massage practice that restores buoyancy and spring to the arches. If you are a runner or dancer, you may notice a shift in your motion after class! Even on a walk, experience a pleasurable and youthful bounce. Learn how to optimally distribute weight across the feet for optimal joint health and longevity. Generate ideas for a home foot care practice that will serve your feet a healthy dose of attention for which the rest of your body will thank you.


New explorations on Saturdays

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  • Healthy Feet: Your Foundation
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