FOAM ROLLER with Sarah

Saturday March 3, 2:30pm • $20


Move through sequences on the foam roller based on "real" Pilates, with a twist of Sarah's variations. In this class, we will be focusing the ability of the pelvic core to navigate on the unsteady foam roller. Also, Sarah will guide a fascia-based rolling technique to release areas of tension in your body.

If anyone wants to make us a pie or a latte, you do it. You do you.





New explorations on Saturdays

Scheduled throughout the year, Saturday Special classes offer students the opportunity to explore a movement modality, try out a small piece of equipment, or focus on a particular part of the body. Saturday Special classes are one-hit-wonder classes.

  • GYROKINESIS® Group Format (90 or 60 minute)
  • GYROKINESIS® Homework Series Focus
  • SmartSpine™
  • Pilates Magic Circle
  • Foam Roller Workout
  • Foam Roller Release and Massage
  • Foot Wellness
  • Pilates Orbit
  • Pilates Spine Corrector
  • Floor Ballet Barre
  • Core Intelligence: Pilates 101
  • SmartSpine™ Workshops
  • Shoulder Specifics
  • Butt Energy