Mark Kosiewski

Mark has almost twenty years of experience in the fields of bodywork, corrective exercise, and complementary medicine, practicing many of those years in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. He has worked in such diverse settings as integrative medical clinics, destination wellness centers, and physical therapy offices. Mark believes in merging sound scientific practice with complementary therapies and a mindful intent. Mark spent a lot of his childhood outdoors, both as an athlete and casual explorer. His desire to understand the mechanics of movement led him first to the study of yoga. He spent three years studying with master yogi Amrit Desai in the early 90’s, an immersion that laid the foundation for a career in bodywork. He has since studied with leading teachers in the fields of craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, orthopedic massage, exercise science, and physiotherapy. Mark is heavily influenced by the osteopathic tradition, which fosters unique insights into human body systems. By utilizing techniques that facilitate function, Mark has found that many chronic symptoms improve. His clients often report decreased pain and anxiety levels, improved mobility, and dramatic shifts in quality of life. When not in the office, Mark is often out observing the beauty of his home state, and generally maintains an active lifestyle. He lives and works near Chapel Hill, NC. Mark is pleased to partner with Spira Pilates in offering customized sessions with optimal movement as the goal.