GYROTONIC® tower class

New to Gyrotonic exercise?

Start with a few private sessions or get your teacher's permission to join a group Tower class. 

Our most popular class! Discover why Gyrotonic has gained popularity with elite athletes, dancers, and performers.

This is a group class on the Gyrotonic equipment, limited to 4 people. You’ll be inspired, lengthened, strengthened, and energized after this group practice on the Gyrotonic Tower. Learn movement sequences, expand your mind, and feel the amazing and peaceful results of this unique movement system.

Class Levels

  • Fundamentals: Beginners with 3 - 5 private sessions experience

  • Beyond the Basics: Intermediate practice

  • Flow: For advanced students and teachers

  • Mixed Levels: Instructor’s choice

Check our schedule for up-to-date days and times.