New to Gyrotonic exercise?

Start with a few private sessions or get your teacher's permission to join a group class. 

Limited to 4 people, your session on the Gyrotonic equipment will begin with GYROKINESIS® spinal motions, abdominal preparations, or other foundational method work. Movements on the Pulley Tower Combination Unit are based on the progressions as choreographed by Juliu Horvath as well as special applications created by his Master Trainers. Move through these sequences carefully designed to access expansive possibilities in your entire body in an energetic, organized, and intelligent way. Learn choreography, expand your mind, and feel the amazing and peaceful results of this unique movement system.

Class Levels

  • Fundamentals: Beginners with 3 - 5 private sessions experience

  • Expansion: Intermediate practice

  • Flow: For advanced students and teachers

  • Mixed Levels: Instructors’s choice!

  • For Dancers: For professional and aspiring dancers

Check our schedule for up to date days and times.