GYROKINESIS® Group Mat & Stool Class



Newbies welcome! No experience required.

Gyrokinesis exercise is an ever-evolving intelligent movement system designed by Juliu Horvath. This class feels like a combination of swimming, dancing, yoga, and qigong. Students sit on low stools as well as moving down to the mat and follow the teacher in an engaging movement series. The format generates suppleness, core pelvic strength, and balanced mobility through multiple-joint articulation. The movements in Gyrokinesis are circular and rhythmic; emphasis on breath, energetic alignment, and a grounded connection within a choreographed set of exercises lead to a sense of well-being after completing the class. Be prepared to spiral, undulate, and expand. Stools are provided.

THURS 12:15

*As of April 11, this class meets at Spira’s new location: 601-D West Main Street in Carrboro.