GYROTONIC® Tower Class

Group equipment class

$45/$210 five classes/$400 ten classes

This equipment class is a journey through your entire spine, body, and energy field. The Pulley Tower is a large machine with churning handles and long pulleys attached to weights. Stretch AND strengthen from the inside out: spinal mobility, abdominal ability, upper body motion and opening, hamstrings/legs, and balance. Move through sequences designed to access expansive possibilities in your body in an energetic, organized, and intelligent way. Learn choreography, expand your mind, and feel the amazing and peaceful results of this unique movement system.

Sticky socks required.

  • Fundamentals: Beginners with 3 - 5 private sessions experience

  • Beyond the Basics: Expanding the Gyrotonic movement

  • Flow: For proficient students and teachers


CardioCore Pilates Circuit

Group equipment class

$40/$175 five classes/$300 ten classes

Circuit training on the spring-loaded Pilates equipment! Cardio challenges on the mat between stations. Previous Pilates, yoga, or movement experience recommended. Come prepared to get warm and keep moving to the music.

Sticky socks required; shared equipment class.



Group mat & stool class

$20/$90 5 classes in 3 months

This mat and stool class feels like a combination of swimming, dancing, yoga, and qigong. Learn suppleness, core strength, and balanced mobility. The movements in Gyrokinesis are circular and rhythmic; emphasis on breath, energetic alignment, and a grounded connection within a choreographed set of exercises lead to a sense of well-being after completing the class. Be prepared to spiral, undulate, and expand. Stools are provided.


Pilates Mat

Group floor class

$20/$90 5 classes in 3 months

Learn traditional and contemporary Pilates movements designed to engage your core structures, lengthen your muscles, and create balanced tone in your body. Focus on sculpting your abdominals, arms, and legs. All experience levels welcome.

Sticky socks required.


Studio Policy

In order to best serve our students, please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the class will be charged as if you attended.   We thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.

Packages expire 6 months from purchase date. To place a package on hold, there is a $20 charge.

We maintain a no refund policy for all services and all products. You may instead receive a studio credit.

In shared equipment classes, please wear sticky socks, available for purchase at the studio.