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Core Intelligence


Core Intelligence: Pilates 101, a Six Week Course

This 6 week course meets once per week and is based on the work of Marie-José Blom. The class may also appear as a Saturday workshop. Students will explore the fundamentals of correct alignment necessary for participating in a Pilates class. This class is ideal for students who are new to Pilates or current students who wish to look more in-depth at alignment. By addressing the body as an interconnected whole, movements that may have been automated in the past gain a fresh, insightful, and informed point of view. Through studying Core Intelligence, a student becomes attuned to the “why” behind movements instead of succumbing to routinized exercise. The Core Intelligence course offers the opportunity to get smart about movement on and off of the mat.

We cover the following:

  • breathing technique
  • locating and using the deep pelvic/lower back stabilizing core muscles
  • organizing the body in a healthy alignment
  • how to move the arms and legs with optimal joint stability
  • developing a pre-Pilates movement homework list
  • simple home stretches and activities to add to regular life
  • in the words of Marie-José, learn how to “work IN” instead of “work OUT”

Core Intelligence is scheduled randomly throughout the year.  Check the schedule or contact us if you are interested.


Private Consultation

Core Intelligence work is also offered as in a private training setting. Get personalized, hands-on attention to ensure your body is in optimal alignment. In your private class, you will be assisted by Marie-José Blom’s SmartSpine Wellness System: a heated collection organic, 100% hemp and food-grade filled satchels of various shapes. Experience how the Stability Sling, also developed Ms. Blom, assists your understanding of deeper core connection on the Pilates Cadillac (Trapeze Table). Private Core Intelligence sessions are ideal for post-physical therapy patients, people with chronic aches and pains who need more assistance than a group setting can offer, or people who want to dive into a deeper understanding of structural alignment and the specificities of moving with fascial system awareness.

Contact the studio for your appointment.

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