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Class Descriptions

Pilates Mat – Beginner: Tues 11:45am

No registration required.

An ongoing beginning Pilates mat class with a focus on coordinating breath with movement, pelvic core stability, spinal alignment, and an introduction to the mat series as developed by Joseph Pilates. We explore deep, subtle pelvic core engagement using exercises developed by Marie-José Blom’s Core Intelligence curriculum. This class incorporates small ball and resistance band work.

Drop-ins welcome, $20. 5-class pass, $90. 10-class pass, $160.
Location: Triangle Youth Ballet

Pilates Mat – Mixed Level: Tues 5:30pm

No registration required.

An ongoing Pilates mat class comprised of the traditional mat series. This class includes adaptations of Pilates equipment exercises based on current and classical repertoire. Focuses include core pelvic stability, spinal alignment, breathing, and becoming familiar with your body’s arrangement in movement. The use of imagery and hands-on cuing allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the “how” to engage core muscles and the “where” these muscles are located. This class sometimes incorporates small toys such as the resistance band, yoga block, foam roller, and/or the magic circle. Modifications are offered for beginners.

Drop ins welcome, $20. 5-class pass, $90. 10-class pass, $160.
Location: Spira Pilates Studio

Cardio-Core Equipment Circuit: Tues 6:45pm, Wed 10:30am, Thurs 6:00pm

Registration required.

The equipment circuit moves!  This class is offered in a 6-week session in order for students to learn the choreography of the circuit.  Work your core abdominals, legs, and arm strength with attention to alignment and proper form. Drop ins are allowed if there is space available. (Please contact me ahead of time if you would like to drop in.)  1-minute cardiovascular “bursts” happen between 4-5 minute equipment exercises which include the rebounder (a high-quality mini-trampoline), Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and other equipment as stations.  We always have music to ease the strenuous nature of this class. Previous Pilates experience, even if it is mat work, is recommended. Sarah created the class with the hopes of allowing more people to have exposure to the equipment in a fun and sweaty setting. Come prepared to get warm and keep moving. If you are recovering from an injury, please contact me to see if this class is suited for you.

 *Makeup Policy: If space is available, you may make up a missed class in another section with the same teacher during the same session. Because of the small number of people allowed in this class, makeups are not guaranteed. Makeups do not carry over into the next session.

Six week session, $150. Drop-in, if available, $30.
Location: Spira Pilates Studio

GYROKINESIS® Group Format Class: Thurs 11:45am

No registration required.

GYROKINESIS® exercise is an ever-evolving intelligent movement system designed by Juliu Horvath. The format generates suppleness, core pelvic strength, and overall mobility through multiple-joint articulation. The movements in Gyrokinesis are circular and rhythmic in order to create healthy joints. Emphasis on breath, energetic alignment, and a grounded connection within a choreographed set of exercises lead to a sense of well-being after completing the class. Students sit on low stools as well as moving down to the mat and follow the teacher in an engaging movement series. Be prepared to spiral, undulate, and expand! Stools are provided. Drop-ins are welcome.

Drop in, $15. 10-class pass, $120.
Location: Balanced Movement Studio

Pilates Spine Corrector: Wed 11:45am

Registration required.

This Pilates group class is designed to challenge the pelvic core strength, lengthen the spine, mobilize the shoulders, and create stablility at hip socket to create leg placement and length.  Exercises are performed on the Pilates Arc by Balanced Body.  This is a light-weight design of Joe Pilates’ original Spine Corrector, or small barrel. The wave-like contour of the Pilates Arc supports the lower back during deep core work and can also be used to support the pelvis in a modified shoulder stand or used to assist side body elongation.

Six week session, $120. Drop-in, if available, $25.
Location: Spira Pilates Studio

NEW! GYROTONIC® Equipment Class

Registration Required.

This class offers students with some Gyrotonic background the opportunity to explore the exercise families in a group setting. Each class begins with a Gyrokinesis warm up and continues with choreography on the Combo Towers and the Jumping Stretching Board.

Single Class: $45. 3 Classes: $120
Location: Spira Pilates Studio