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Group Pilates Mat


Join a Pilates mat class at any time. Classes are drop-in friendly. Check the schedule for class times and locations.

Pilates matwork is based on the traditional exercises found in Joseph Pilates’ seminal work, Return to Life Through Contrology. In a Spira Pilates mat class, you will find these familiar exercises as well as modern variations inspired by master teachers like Ron Fletcher, Kathy Corey, Elizabeth Larkam, Alan Herdman, Marie-José Blom and Ellie Herman.

Mixed Level Pilates Mat class is a continuing drop-in style Pilates class that tends to be more toward an intermediate level, but active beginners are welcome.  You need to be able to get up and down off of the floor and be able to do exercises while lying on your back, side, or belly. Most beginners who have taken this class find it challenging, yet achievable. If you have an injury, it is best to contact the studio prior to choosing this class (and make sure you have been cleared by your doctor to engage in exercise).  The content is based on Mr. Pilates original mat series with Spira Pilates variations added.  We often use props such as the yoga block, resistance band, foam roller, or magic circle to assist or to add resistance.  Mixed Level Pilates Mat integrates exercises inspired by the Pilates apparatus and offers variations created by different schools of Pilates.

Beginning Pilates Mat is a continuing drop-in style class with focus on coordinating breath with movement, pelvic core stability, spinal alignment, and an introduction to the mat series as developed by Joseph Pilates. We explore deep, subtle pelvic core engagement using exercises developed by Marie-José Blom’s Core Intelligence curriculum. This class often incorporates small ball and resistance band exercises.


Choose comfortable clothing that allows you to move your joints. If you wear shorts, please be sure they are fitted or have a fitted liner as some exercises require legs in the air. No shoes required. If you tend to get warm easily, consider wearing light clothing or a lighter layer just in case. Sticky socks optional.


If you have a mat, bring it along. There are mats to share at both locations but it is more sanitary to have your own workout mat.  Extra props, if needed, will be provided.


You will be on the floor: sitting, lying on your back or belly, side-lying, and occasionally standing. If sitting on the floor is difficult for you, begin to practice getting up and down from the floor at home. Build up your ability to hold a sitting position comfortably by beginning to add in more floor time at home. Come with an open mind and go easy on yourself. We repeat exercises from week to week, so if you don’t get it the first time (or the second or third), there’s always another chance. I often joke with my students that I have never given out any “Pilates Prizes,” so take your time and allow yourself to learn at your individual pace.


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