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Cardio-Core Equipment Circuit


Check the schedule to find out when the next Cardio-Core class session begins. If the session is already happening, there may still be space for you. Contact us to find out. Drop-ins are allowed if there is space available.

The Cardio-Core Equipment Circuit moves! This class is offered as a session in order for students to learn the choreography of the circuit. Developed by Spira’s founder, Sarah Honer, Cardio-Core class integrates the popular 7-Minute Workout style high intensity circuit training using your own body’s weight. This class works your core abdominals, legs, and arm strength with attention to alignment and proper form. 1-minute cardiovascular “bursts” happen between 4-5 minute equipment exercises which include the rebounder (a high-quality mini-trampoline), Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and other equipment as stations. We always have music to ease the strenuous nature of this class. This class targets people with previous Pilates experience, even if it is just mat work. Spira Pilates Studio offers this class with the hopes of allowing more people to have exposure to the equipment in a fun and sweaty setting. Come prepared to get warm and keep moving. If you are recovering from an injury, please contact the studio to see if this class is suited for you.

*Makeup Policy: If space is available, you may make up a missed class in another section with the same teacher during the same session. Because of the small number of people allowed in this class, makeups are not guaranteed. Makeups do not carry over into the next session.

**Note to Beginners: Sometimes sections of Cardio-Core are beginner friendly. Ask us about which ones or check the schedule.


Choose comfortable clothing that allows you to move your joints. If you wear shorts, please be sure they are fitted or have a fitted liner as some exercises require legs in the air. No shoes required. If you tend to get warm easily, consider wearing light clothing or a lighter layer just in case. Sticky socks highly recommended.


We have water for you at the studio, but you may want to bring a bigger bottle. All props, including mats, are provided.


The material in the class differs from session to session, but you can expect to bounce, perform plank variations, do some low-impact jumping (like jumping jacks), and work up a sweat. The stations in the circuit last 3-5 minutes, where you can work at your own appropriate pace. The minute burst in between stations is a chance for you to raise your heart rate and test your limits.


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