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How do I make a private appointment?

Call or email the studio. An instructor will personally set up an appointment time for you.

I am new to Pilates and GYROTONIC® movement. Where should I begin?

The best way to check out the movement styles we offer is to try a class. Our beginner level Pilates mat class is a drop-in style class.  In the beginning level, we cover the breath used for Pilates exercises, spinal alignment, body awareness, and pre-Pilates exercises from Marie-José Blom’s Core Intelligence curriculum.

GYROKINESIS® group class, another good starting point, also meets as a drop-in class.  The movements are performed seated on a stool and involve rotation, spinal flexion and extension, side bending, undulation, and overal spinal lengthening.  Students follow along with the teacher in a flow of movement.  Check the group class schedule for class times and locations. If you are recovering from injuries or feel that you need more individual attention, contact the studio to schedule a private session with a trained instructor and always make sure you have a doctor’s permission if you have been under medical care.

What if I have no injuries but no background in movement classes?

Try at least 6-10 classes before you make your decision about whether it is “working” for you. All these methodologies take time to have an effect, though many students report that they feel better after just one.

Is there core work in a Gyrokinesis class?

This is one of our favorite questions to prove during a group Gyrokinesis class!  There is a full abdominal focused series in every class. If you are introduced to and apply the concepts of “narrowing” and “suppling” to your movement, you will find that the challenge is to remain connected to your “seed center,” or low abdominals/lower dantian throughout this entire class.

 I’m not flexible. Can I still do Pilates or Gyrotonic movement?

Yes, you can. Both of these methods are designed to help you achieve greater range of motion in your joints which helps to build a more flexible body.

Is Gyrotonic movement like Pilates?

Though we offer both modalities at Spira, these are 2 very different movement systems. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early to mid 20th century. Gyrotonic is a more current movement system develeped by Juliu Horvath. Both systems have equipment associated with them designed by their originators. Both systems offer group classes that do not require equipment.

 What’s the difference between Gyrotonic movement and a Gyrokinesis class?

“Gyrotonic” is the descriptive word for the entire movement system, kind of like an umbrella. Under the umbrella of the Gyrotonic organization, you may participate in a Gyrotonic tower (and other specialized equipment) workout with a private instructor. Under the same umbrella, you may take a group Gyrokinesis class on the stools and mat. Think about it like this: usually, a Gyrotonic session is done on the equipment and a Gyrokinesis class can happen anywhere with just a stool to sit on.

 I’ve heard of Classical or Real Pilates. Do you teach that at Spira?

Our teachers are trained by a broad range of master teachers. Though they are attuned to what it means to do a Classical Pilates workout, they may choose to integrate more current biomechanics and anatonical understandings into your session. We believe in embracing all schools of Pilates.

 I want to do a challenging workout. What do you recommend?

Try our Cardio-Core Pilates Circuit. This class challenges you to learn choreography while maintaining your Pilates fundamentals in a group setting. We use high-intensity anaerobic intervals between Pilates apparatus stations.

 I want to learn Pilates from the ground up. What do you recommend?

Watch for the Pilates 101/Core Intelligence class to come up. It’s taught in a session and dissects movement to make sure you “get” it. Finding your deep core abdominals can be a challenge.

In the meantime, look for other beginning classes on our schedule. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us for advice.

 I want to set up a group class for myself and some friends. Will you teach a special class for us?

Yes, contact the studio to find a time for your class. We can come to your location within the Triangle. Consider this option for wedding parties, company retreats, birthdays, or other occasions. See rates for more info.

 I have an injury. Is an exercise program appropriate for me?

This is a question for your doctor. Please get permission from your physician or physical therapist before joining a class.

 Do I need to sign up for drop-in classes? And what’s the deal with session classes?

Drop-in classes mean you can come any time.  You do not need to let us know.  Just show up and join in.  The class material stays set at a set level.

Session classes require you to sign up.  Sign up for them by contacting the studio. They are capped at a certain number of students. Sessions span specific dates so that we are able to build on the material from week to week.  It is best to sign up for the duration of a session class so that you will gain the most benefit from the movement.  However, drop-ins are allowed in session classes if there is space. Makeups are not guaranteed in session classes. Please call or email ahead to make sure.

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